Irrigation Installations

  • Sprinkler/Irrigation Installation
  • Sprinkler/Irrigation Installation

Sprinkler/Irrigation Installation

A properly installed and maintained system will save you money. Hand watering is not efficient, your yard & landscaping suffer because of inconsistent watering, and you waste water by over watering and run off. We use state of the art low volume/low pressure drip irrigation and micro irrigation in the landscaping to conserve water, Florida’s most precious commodity. We never mix rotors and spray heads on the same zone due to the different precipitation rates. If you have a municipal water supply, having an irrigation meter installed will save you money by not paying sewage on your water consumption. And always have a hose bibb/faucet installed so you’re not paying sewage when you wash your car and won’t go throu your water softener.

We use contractor grade material, installed by well trained, knowledgeable technicians, with your satisfaction as our goal. With years of experience, we will meet or exceed your expectations. A sprinkler system is one of your best investments you can make for your home; it maintains its full value at resale. Contact Smart H2O Irrigation at 772-600-4450 for a Free Estimate...

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